May 2019   
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Ronnie Jordan

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Minister of Music

David Willis

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The following are some of the values that I believe are part of my philosophy of worship.

  • I believe that worship is for God first and foremost as that the church should value the worship of God as the highest calling of a believer.
  • I believe that God desires for us to delight ourselves in Him. I believe God is most glorified in us when we are the most satisfied in Him. Because of that I believe that we should place value upon celebrating and glorifying God in our worship services.
  • I believe that music is a means of guiding a person to experience an awareness of God. As a worship leader I strive to value individual and corporate responses to God.
  • I believe that worship is not half-hearted, non-responsive “worship” but a place where we all come into the service looking for authentic worship.
  • I believe that worship needs to honor God and inspire people. I strive for excellence in worship because God wants our best.
  • I believe that worship should have a full devotion to Christ and His cause is God’s call for every believer.
  • I believe that worship should be about unity that builds on the relationships that Christ has model for us throughout scripture.
  • I believe that lost people matter to God, and therefore, ought to matter to every believer. A non-Christian can not know authentic worship without knowing who He is and accepting into their heart. We as Christians need to be worshiping God with all our heart so that those who are lost can see that there is something different in our lives.

Director of Students Ministries

Andrew Oswalt

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Dolores Pitts

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